Going to Singapore was a very nice surprise, it came out of nowhere. I had no plan whatsoever to travel at the end of 2018. You can imagine the happiness I felt when I learned that my new job was going to fly me to Singapore.

China Town

I did some googling before and expected it to be hot, sunny, and very technological. Soon realized I came in the rainy season finding a hot, wet, and humid Singapore.


I had very good luck that my friend Jorge was also here for work, which help me adapt to the city faster.


I found the streets to be very colorful and there are lots of photo spots all over Downtown.

I could also find close to authentic Japanese food that I love so much. The best place for Ramen in Singapore is Hakata Ikkousha Ramen Restaurant at 30 Victoria St, #F1-07, Chijmes, Singapore 187996. It brought me back to my days in Fukuoka.

I spent my weekends exploring the city and as many tourist spots as I could.

IMG_9732.jpgMalls here are pretty cool! And there are so many malls everywhere! My favorite where at Jurong East.

I almost lost my eyesight here @Fountain of Wealth

My boyfriend surprised me by coming to Singapore. We had a lot of fun, and lots of delicious food and he helped me push back the homesickness.


My favorite place in Singapore has got to be Clarke Quay at night. (But the botanic gardens are the runner-up)


There are over fifthy museums in Singapore, so you will surely find something to your liking. Look for museums at roots.sg

Orchids are my favorite flowers, and it happens to be Singapore’s National Flower as well. You can find orchids everywhere. For a true orchid experience go to Botanic Gardens to the National Orchid Garden.

I just gotta say that Singapore is awesome!

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