I’ve always had a planner since I can remember. I love writing and capturing little moments on them and I cherish all of them. But lately, life has become too hectic and I find myself moving from one place to another I got tired of carrying notebooks, pens, colors, watercolors, art paper, pencils, laptop, headphones, lotions, etc!!! All you need to live where you go. So I decided last year that from 2023 I will switch entirely to digital planning to see how I like it. I did some research on existing planners and there are a lot from free but with subscriptions to expensive ones on Etsy. I want something simple to get started so I designed my own and today I will share it with you.

My App of choice is Goodnotes, but from what I know you can use it on your preferred app. This is a PDF with hyperlinks on the calendar sidebar on the right. The tabs will take you to the monthly view. It’s a one-way street too. I want it simple. This calendar features:

  • Monday Start
  • Vertical Layout
  • Yearly View for 2023
  • A monthly undated view
  • A weekly undated view for each month
  • A daily undated view for each month

I choose undated for several reasons, I don’t use all the days when I write on my planner. I use it as a creative medium to capture past events. I want it to be flexible for future years and I enjoy writing the dates in my handwriting. I didn’t add a notes section since I have other digital notebooks for that. If it suits you head below for a download.

Click Here to download

If you want to give me something in return leave me your opinion on digital planners below as a thank you. Have a great new year!

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