logo negri art deco

The objective of this project was to learn how to represent an existing brand. This was done by creating a fictional scenario in which students were employed by a selected brand to develop a specific collection for their catalog. The brand chosen for this assignment was Vrai & Oro, a luxury brand located in Los Angeles, California, and known for its minimalist design and also for developing affordable fine jewelry with retail prices 8 – 10 times lower than traditional jewelry retail brands.

This project was influenced by the style and character of the Vrai & Oro brand line of jewelry, employing the minimalist style of the brand and the use of precious metals. Based on the criteria of the brand and the art-deco theme, a collection of six pieces was designed which are divided into two sets made up of a collar, a ring, and a brooch.

Illustration A


Illustration B


Art Deco Brooch No. 1


Art Deco Brooch No. 2


Art Deco Rings Side View.


Art Deco Necklaces.


Art Deco Rings Upper view.