Welcome to my personal blog. In this little part of the web, I share my journey and adventures. You can expect to see my watercolor learning process, my thoughts on design, and sometimes if I have the time a summary of books that I love.

I believe that sharing our experiences online is a very rich way to meet new people, have a record of how we are growing, and share a piece of us with the world. If you have a passion for creativity, join me with a cup of tea or coffee.

About Me

was born in Mexico in 1992. I have always explored my creative side, joining art classes in my early years. I’m a passionate person, with a love for books and food. I decided to study something that would allow me to follow on a creative path, fast forwarding to 2015 I graduated with honors with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from one of the Top Universities in Mexico, ITESM Campus Guadalajara.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on an internal marketing team for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and small local businesses in Guadalajara. As well as helping entrepreneurs with their design problems as freelance designer. I’m currently a Senior User Experience Designer at Oracle. To know more about my professional career please check out my LinkedIn Profile, and you can see my portfolio on Behance.

I have too many hobbies it’s not possible to list them all. My top 3 would be reading, painting, and eating. To get to know me better you can join me live on Twitch. Where I will be doing live sessions on watercolor, icon, or logo designs.

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